Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things NOT to Write Ebooks about!

Have you ever read a simply horrible ebook that almost seemed like a complete and utter advertisement of diarrhea with only the affiliate in mind and not you? I know I have and I wasn't a happy camper about it either! Going by the saying "Practice what you preach." might sound a little old but it's as true today as it was yesterday. If you want to write an ebook on how great and wonderful something is you should always have done it or purchased it yourself to see if it's actually something enjoyable or something that works. Scams and low quality crap come a dime a dozen on the internet so finding the gold isn't always so easy. Of coarse writing an ebook about non-money making related themes is especially easy if you're focusing around a hobby that you're involved in all the time and in that case you're best place to sell it would be Amazon Kindle!

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