Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why do People Never Put Their Boards Into Categories?

I'll go on other people's boards and I'll notice they haven't picked a category to put the board in.I usually end up picking for them the best I can, but sometimes I'm not sure which one they'd prefer it to be in. Still I do my best to pick, but I wonder if they know they need to do this or not. It's slightly redundant that I have to do this, but I don't mind it even though I wish people would categorize their boards more.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things NOT to Write Ebooks about!

Have you ever read a simply horrible ebook that almost seemed like a complete and utter advertisement of diarrhea with only the affiliate in mind and not you? I know I have and I wasn't a happy camper about it either! Going by the saying "Practice what you preach." might sound a little old but it's as true today as it was yesterday. If you want to write an ebook on how great and wonderful something is you should always have done it or purchased it yourself to see if it's actually something enjoyable or something that works. Scams and low quality crap come a dime a dozen on the internet so finding the gold isn't always so easy. Of coarse writing an ebook about non-money making related themes is especially easy if you're focusing around a hobby that you're involved in all the time and in that case you're best place to sell it would be Amazon Kindle!

Character Building Thought Power Full Length

How to Get More Views Using Ebooks

This is very simple and practically anyone can do it! If you have a hobby that you love to blog about write an ebook on the subject and place the address to your blog in the book! Readers will see it and be able to visit your blog later on. This is one reason why you'll find affiliate marketers writing ebooks and giving them away for free. Another method I've found quite handy is to sell an ebook giving the buyer reseller rights but not any rights on changing any of the content. This allows the buyer to make money themselves while the original author still gets traffic to their blog!

Monday, June 11, 2012

How Facebook Can Draw Traffic to Your Online Store or Website

If there is a product or website you want to promote one of the best sites used for that right now would be facebook. It's a site for sharing things on the internet with friends and family. The best place to start would be by creating a fan page for the thing that you're trying to promote! If you know what you're promoting is popular with your friends you can invite them to the page and they'll be likely to invite their friends and others can find it in the search engine. I jokingly made a Super Hyperinflation Economy Man page because of Ben Bernanke's endless money printing for another blog I created and sometimes post to called "Silver-Bubble".

I'm Going to Show You How I'm Doing It

Everyone these days want to make money online, so here is the blog that I decided to make to show everyone who wants to make money just what they need to do. There are no items for sale on this blog, only a vast list of ideas will be put here. If it gets traffic and helps people great, if not oh well I'm still making money. Not everything I put on here is going to be for everyone. Every person has a gift for one thing or another it's just a matter of finding it. For me I guess I'm just gifted at running at the mouth and at the keyboard.